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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Somethings I have been thinking about...

So, here i am.  This morning is totally precious, strange.  I am in so much pain, but I love the day.  I am not quite sure how...something about flowers.  i love flowers ... sometimes.  There were a few beautiful flowers that Anita sent to me via text this morning.  I don't know where they are from, but they are fabulous.  One is a deep blue pot with yellow and orange flowers in it... such bright and brilliant flowers... I love them.  I was reading some of what Anita and whomever was talking with her on FB today.  One thing that really struck me was that God's creations top all of our greatest and expensive creations.  For example, some people think they need to build something with our most expensive mediums, in order to speak with God.  And that is just so not it.  One flower.... ONE FLOWER!!! defeats all of our creations before God.  His small beautiful creations such as the baby's breath flower, is so beautiful and adds such a depth to other flowers, like the traditional rose... no one can top that!  I have seen buildings that are adorned with gold and diamonds... and none are as beautiful as say one of God's daisies or wild roses.  it is amazing.
I was reminded of going to these beautiful buildings every weekend with a group of my classmates ... Sat mornings... and I would endure the buildings so that i could dance around in the gardens outside the buildings.  I believe that God's beauty is worth exploring and experiencing, and to put yourself inside a building thinking that you would be more acceptable to infact ignoring Gods beautiful natural gifts.  I believe that going inside and worshiping on Sundays is one thing... but to think that a man made place full of precious stones and gold and silver... would get you closer to God... there is a huge flaw in that way of thinking.. there is no way that God would think, well you made this with your money, and did all this expensive things, so your will to talk to me is greater than that of a poor man... so I God will hear you more, than the poor man... that is just rediculous.  I am poor.  I do not even own one single piece of diamond or gold.... but I know that God hears me!  He does not make it a rule that I build Him a place that is filled with as much expensive stuff as I can manage.  Infact, God says that doing that is wrong.  I would much rather sit in a field of flowers kneel down and contemplate on the mercy and power of God, and talk with Him.  He requires a contrite heart, not an expensive building or anything in the like manner.
Wow, what a thing to realize.  God is so good.  He provides everything. I will trust in the Lord for everything. God is so good.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Comfort my tears...

J'ai besoin de toi ici! J'ai besoin de toi maintenant! Je veux que tu me tiens, mais je ne sais pas comment. Cependant, je crois en ce que tu me dis. Veuillez vous dites que vous m'aimez

Saturday, June 8, 2013

You Love Me

This is my new song, a really rough demo, but i think you get the general idea, very excited to be putting it on my CD in Aug....



Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ode to an Open Book (11/ 1995)

Knowledge pours from your rim,
Ready for the thirsty to drink it up.
I've nearly swallowed my fill,
When the day is o'er.

Fairy Tales of wishes and wants,
Ladies in waiting full of woe,
Anguishing for Sir Lancelot
To deliver them from terrible ogres.

Heroes dashing, the gentle and brave,
Fighting duels for fair maidens.
Hoping to win a lovely bride,
And stay alive in the venture.

Science Fiction, glamour girls,
Lipstick tips and Dandelions.
Mathematics, Auto shop
Draw my mind into delicate fantasy.

But books are best when it's hot,
Refreshing, like a summer's night breeze.
So, put on your bathing suit and hop
Right into a book.

Broken Image

From the deep, I stand, Screaming
Yet - the face smiles, "All is well!"
My heart yearns for joy
But, a cold look keeps it black

Who I am, really, no one knows
She keeps me locked up, alone
I cry and fuss - longing to be free
Windows never break
Doors are ever strong

I was let out, ages ago
I spoke to a reflection in a crystal mirror
Shattered pieces still lay there
On the floor

I covered the broken image with
Leaving unhealed wounds
-Scars- in my haste
Accidents happen
Trembling hands, must be more

Even now you read
What I cannot speak
(You are one, not two)

Do you hear the pounding?
Heavy fists upon my cage?

One wants in
One wants out
And I am stuck
In the middle